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[IP] insensitive comments

well, i amost have to disagree here with everyone so upset about the 
"sugarboy comment."  She IS an ex-girlfriend, she does have history with the 
guy and I don't know how or why the relationship ended, but I can only 
imagine she was joking around with him.  Maybe there was a time while you 
were datng her, in pre-pump days, when you WOULD look at a menu and say damn 
there is nothing I can eat here...maybe  not, I don't know...

Does everyone here get upset when their signifcant other calls them "sweetie" 
or "honey" or "sugar plum?"  And there is a mom here whos screen name is 
mom2sweetboy....is that an insult r is she being mean or insensitive?  Yes, 
"sugar boy" is a direct comment about your diabetes, but tall people get 
called "stretch" , fat people get called "tubby" smart people get called 
"nerds" blah blah blah...

I agree that is was pretty insensitive...maybe she was nervous...I sure as 
hell would have been, and thought she was making a funny...oh well...good 
thing you didn't marry her, right?

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