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[IP] cataracts

Melva wrote  >  Has anyone had cataract surgery lately?  

1993...is that late enough?  seems like just yesterday

> Did you convince the doctors to let you leave your pump on 

Didn't convince, just TOLD her I was keeping it...they wanted to take it off 
me, cuz it would conduct electricity or something since I was using the metal 
bent needle at the time.  I didn't let  them.  Said I'd rather die of 
electrocution than DKA (plus I had been fine pumping through the vitrectomy 
which caused the cataract in the first place).  

>  How did your surgery go?  

Call me a weenie if you must, but I did not want to be able to give a play by 
play as someone is working on my eyeball.  My doctor asked if I wanted to be 
asleep or if I just wanted local.  "Hell yes, put me out!" I said.  I had had 
a BAD reaction to the general anesthesia after my vitrectomy, but she 
explained it was not a FULL general anesthesia, you just literally sleep 
through the whole thing and feel nothing.  So I am guessing it was just a 
combination of valium and demeral and whatever else they had layng around the 
lab to throw in - whatever it was, it was gooooood.  I remember waking up a 
bit in the middle - I could see shapes and a white light and thought I had 
gone to heaven, then I heard her voice - "do you want to go back to sleep?" 
"Aaarghrghrghrrrrrggha," i replied and back down into la la land I drifted.  
If she stuck needles in my eye, I don't know and dont wanna know. 

When it was all over, I still had the other eye working perfectly (ahh the 
good old days) so I continued to do all my tests etc.  Watch out for a rise 
in your bg after the procedure despite the fact that you were probably 
fasting before hand

I was there about an hour after the surgery and dont remember if that was cuz 
I had to WAIT for my ride (sheeesssshhh!!) or if cuz she wanted me to 
stay...probably a combination - It was Thursday and she said i could work the 
next day if I wanted...but I took the day off.  I don't remember it LOOKING 
that bad

Since I had also had a vitrectomy, I can't really say what mprovement there 
was, though it did go from being like looking thrugh a really dirty window to 
looking through a only sightly dirty one.  The DISTANCE vision was vastly 
improved at first, but over the next few months to a year, as the stitches 
came out, and the shape of the eye changed, the vision has worsened a little 
- nothing a good monocle wont take care of, but who has time to go to an 
optician, what with endos and optho and psychos and podiatoes and every thing 
else!  NOT to mention looking for mr right???

> facing this surgery with much trepidation and very
>  shakey knees.  

Don't be scared!!!  very common surgery...they are very good at it these 
days...make sure your bg are in a nice range the day before, over night and 
just before...no high fat mals on sunday...stick to the easy foods...tell 
them to put your meter and pump in a baggy ON YOUR GURNEY so it goes where 
you go.  Tell them you only want a SALINE drip in your IV - you do NOT need 
dextrose....you will be able to eat shortly after the surgery, so no worry 
about starvation ketosis...


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