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[IP] Dropping


just a thought about Jay Jay...are you using humalog?  and why NPH?  why not 
check with your doctor and see if maybe ultra lente or plain old lente might 
provide a smoother "basal" for jay jay, that you can supplement with H when 
and if he eats, and when or if he goes high...they call this the poor man's 
pump, and I know several people who maintain fairly good numbers this way!  
Yes, it means more pokes, but no more worries about peaking NPH and JayJay 
not being in the mood to eat!

my problems in MDI days was the NPH...it peaked.  period...and it was NEVER 
at a convenient time for me...as I understand it, lente and ulta lente dont 
have such a noticeable peak...

>  I feel like I am fighting a losing battle! 

no you aren't.  Maybe broaden your target range, so you feel less pressure.  
It will NOT harm a child to run a tad higher than 80-120, in fact, I would 
hesitate to even aim for that low!!!!  I would aim, and I am no medical 
professional, for something like 120 - 200.

Keep at it....youare doing great - I also look forward to that post when you 
tell us Jay Jay is pumping....

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