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Re: [IP] single and diabetic


I am 23 and been a diabetic for seven years,  I am also single.  I am always 
up-front and honest with people about my diabetes, especially since I have 
this pump on my side.  Every one thinks it is a pager until they see the 
tubing and then they are really curious as to what it is.  I have actually 
met quite a few people that way.  They are really interested in  my disease 
and how I handel it.  Most of them have never been around a person with Type 
I so they are curious.  I feel that since diabetes is such a big part of my 
life, I would have a hard time not telling some one up-front.  If they 
cannot handle it, then that is their problem not mine.  Besides what is 
there to handle.  I understand that if we get married it could be a burden, 
but if they are not willing to get to know me to find out if the burden is 
worth it, they they are not worth of me.

As for dating a diabetic I think that would be wonderful.  Being with some 
one who understands what you are going through and being there through it 
with you would be wonderful.  I really would not care that it might up the 
possibility of our children having diabetes.  Having some one to understand 
me would be well worth it.

I really hope you find some one who will love you for who you are, 
regardless of your D.  No one comes with out "baggage", whether it be 
physical, mental, or emotional.  What you have to do is decided which person 
you can love, baggage and all!!!  :) :) :)

D for 7
Pumping since 5/99

"But the most wonderful thing about tiggers is that
-From the immortal Tigger Song

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