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Re: [IP] Rude comments (continued)

>At 06:55 AM 4/7/00 Kelly Jemo wrote:
> >Shortly after my diagnosis at age 5, my mother ran into a friend
> >from high
> >school who asked my mother if she would be divorcing my father.  When my
> >mother asked her, "Why would I do that?" the woman replied, "Well after 
> >diabetes runs on his side of the family, doesn't it?  He gave your 
> >diabetes?"  I don't think my mother has spoken to that woman since that 
> >18 yrs ago!!  Kelly
I think that people consider diabete some horrible disease that is the end 
of life.  Well, it is horrible I wish every day that I did not have it, but 
the truth is that things happen for a reason and if diabtese is the most 
tramautic thing that happens to me then so be it.  I have learned a lot from 
being a diabetic and really cannot imagine my life with out it.  I would 
never consider not marrying a man I love just because our children my have a 
disability or disease.  I will love my children no matter who they are.  
That is the way it is supposed to be!!!

D for 7 years
Pumping since 5/99
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