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Re: [IP] Rude comments (continued)

At 06:55 AM 4/7/00 Kelly Jemo wrote:
 >Shortly after my diagnosis at age 5, my mother ran into a friend
 >from high
 >school who asked my mother if she would be divorcing my father.  When my
 >mother asked her, "Why would I do that?" the woman replied, "Well after all,
 >diabetes runs on his side of the family, doesn't it?  He gave your daughter
 >diabetes?"  I don't think my mother has spoken to that woman since that day
 >18 yrs ago!!  Kelly

I don't think that most of us practice eugenics when we marry. Most modern 
civilized people don't practice (or believe in) selective breeding... we 
are not cattle or sheep, after all. If we were to do this seriously, then 
very almost nobody would ever marry and the population would drop 
considerably. How many people do you know that have perfect genetic 
makeups? Personally, I'd say 110% of us are imperfect in some way... if 
it's not one thing, it's something else... could be cancer, heart disease, 
and who knows what. It's amazing the ignorance that's out there... hmmm!! I 
wonder if that's inherited. <vbg>

So, you does your best, you takes your chances and you loves all the 
children you got. :-)


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