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Re: [IP] Dropping

At 05:48 AM 4/7/00 Pixie wrote:
 >>Actually, normal is *not* individual
 >I've seen examples of it here, that some people need to be at higher average
 >levels than others. That is their normal, while my normal (aka where in the
 >mean I'm best at)  is only 75. Normal to me, is the ideal #'s to be within
 >based on your feelings/safety and endo's orders.

I think you are absolutely right. Each person has what is normal for them 
and even then there are all sorts of day to day (hour to hour?) deviations 
from that. For most of us, it matters little what the statistical averages 
are in the population. For each of us, our personal "normal" is 100% of 
what we are.

All this is why pumping is such an individual adventure.... no matter what 
starting points we are given by the doctors and CDE's, we are all going to 
adjust everything to our personal "normal" and to what works for us. My 
bottom line is: if it works, it's good. And, that is why YMMV (your mileage 
may vary) is the byword here.


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