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Re: [IP] I could have killed her...

I was diagnosed when I was 16 and have been a diabetic for seven years .  
When I was first diagnosed I only spent four days in the hospital.  They 
gave me a crash course on diabetes and its care and then sent me home.  I 
was terrified, as was my mom, that we were going to do something and then I 
would be dead.  The truth is that yes we have made mistakes and we have 
learned from them.  You are a good Mom who is human.  You love your daughter 
very much, but the truth is no one is perfect.  The important thing to 
remember is that you did NOT kill her and that she is perfectly fine.  Just 
a suggestion but does she know what it feels like to go low and at what 
levels these feelings start.  For me, any time I go below 60 I start to feel 
it.  It is different for every one and she needs to be aware of that line 
for herself.  As for sleeping through it, that also seems to be different 
for every one.  I come awake instantly and could not sleep through it if I 
tried.  Also, always re-test if the numbers seem off.  I tested once and 
found that I was at 45 yet felt nothing.  I tested a different finger and 
was at 110.  Weird, but just one of the quarks off diabetes.  Hang in there 
and remember that we are here for you.  Good luck.

D for seven years
Pumping since 5/99

"But the most wonderful thing about tiggers is that
-From the immortal Tigger Song

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