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[IP] First day of training

Thanks to all of you who responded to me about being nervous as I begin on this new road....It REALLY helped to have your support...I don't have many friends here and as you guys say - it is very hard to explain to others and have them understand

I felt like I would know carbo counting, cause I was trained on that 5 years ago, when I went on shots.  I was doing carbo counting because I was a vegetarian and it was easier than the exchange way...  So I figured I would "know" everything...

Was I surprized!  Things have changed in five years...for example, I thought green beans were "free" - and come to find out they have 5 grams per  cup ... I usually eat about 2 cups, because I thought they were free and it helped me not be hungry.  and I thought  cup of rice was 15 gr...and find out it is 1/3 cup...no wonder I have had trouble with my bgs!!!

I also found out about a cream called "fingers" that helps heal these sore fingers - I tried it last night and it really does make them feel better!

I'm looking forward to more training on Monday and getting started on my saline time with my pump.  I am still nervous, but glad to be learning so much!

Thanks for all the support!

start insulin pumping 4/18!

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