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[IP] log books

 >Just curious about this whole log book thing. How many people here
 >actually keep log books? I haven't kept a logbook in years. You guys
 >actually keep carb/food counts as well? What exactly do you do with all
 >the log data? I never found it very useful.
 I have always kept a log book. I make my own.   It is the only way I can 
detect patterns in highs and lows and know how to adjust my basals when 
needed.   My endo actually looks at them and we talk about them.  I also 
make myself a chart from them when I am having a problem such as the dawn 
phenomenen problems and when they peaked, etc.  They are messy, have bloody 
spots on them, ragged pages,  but them are vital to me in learning how to 
better control my diabetes.
Bonnie Richardson

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