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Re: [IP] cataract surgery

Please, do not be afraid.  Cataract surgery today is one of the most safe 
surgeries there is.  I am a certified Ophth. Tech. and have been working in 
that field for 15 yrs.  With the new techniques, it is quick and easy.  Wear 
your pump.  Make sure they schedule you early in the morning so you won't be 
to far off from your breakfast.  In fact, if you have the pump, you no longer 
need to be scheduled first on surgery day.  Of course it will NPO.  Hope you 
are having the wonderful no stitch, to patch, surgery. Your eye will be 
numbed with drops only now and I promise you................ You will not 
feel a thing.  Keep you BG under good control and you should do fine.  I have 
known very few diabetics who may have a little blood in the front part 
(anterior chamber) of their eye following surgery but it always gets absorbed 
and in a few days, your vision should be much improved.  Of course, the 
majority of cases are not bothered by this minor complication and do fine 
immediately following surgery.  I really believe you will be very pleased 
with the results.  Let me know how you get along with it?  I will be anxious 
to hear..........................Prayers...........Jackie
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