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[IP] Dropping

jayjay's mom asked
>  >What is an appropriate BG drop rate?

and pixie wrote:
>  There's no such thing unfortunately.,

and then Sara wrote:
actually there IS....

  I definately remember that when JayJay was in the hospital after being
diagnosed, with a bg 1113, that the docs told us that it was BAD to have
a BG drop too quickly. Brain edema and all that.
  Since we are using NPH, and since he is 2, and since most 2 year-olds
don't eat very predictably, and since NPH doesn't usually act predictably,
I feel like I am fighting a losing battle! 
  He drops below 50 at least once a day. If he decides he doesn't want
to eat lunch, right about the time the am NPH is *usually* (I use that
term loosely) kicking in, he drops fast. I never thought about having
a rebound even if I caught the low (or not so low) and treated it accordingly.
It does explain a lot though. Like why he was over 300 two hours later.
  Anyway, thanks folks, you guys teach me so much.

Allison (who can't wait until she gets send that post about her kid getting
his pump)

Mom to JayJay
born 2/13/98, dx'd 1/31/99
...sweet as ever

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