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Re: [IP] (Fwd) A post to the IP list, please

Jan Hughey wrote:
> I purposely would not date anyone with DM in his family because I read
> too many statistics that if both parents had DM, the likelihood that
> offspring would have it. I didn't want to do that to any children. I
> was sickened when my M-I-L called with the happy news that her sister
> had T-2. I told the ped. and he asked her age: 65. He told me that if
> my kids could live to 65 without getting it, more power to them. My
> 61.5 y/o hugsband is now showing positive signs of T-2. Jan (60 y/o,
> T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83)

Well, since Type 1 and Type 2 are two COMPLETELY different diseases,
even if your husband does get Type 2, it doesn't increase your
children's risk of getting Type 1. Unless he's a carrier of the genes
that predispose to Type 1 -- in which case, them's the breaks.  Look at
all the couples who know of NO diabetes in their family, who have Type 1
children. You can't pick a mate on the basis of what genetic diseases he
MIGHT be a carrier of!!!!  :)

Type 2 is a MUCH greater risk than Type 1, in the sense that it's far
more common; it's also often poorly treated, but since your kids KNOW
they have that risk factor, they can be proactive about preventing it,
and treating it, it they do get it. 

Please don't be sickened; just be sure that your husband and kids become
educated about Type 2; having a Type 1 family member doesn't mean they
know ANYTHING about Type 2. 

Type 2 is VERY treatable, if it's caught early, before complications set
in. I feel most sorry for those who were never TOLD they had diabetes,
and who were never given a chance to control it, and who are now
suffering from complications.
That's the greatest risk of Type 2 diabetes, IMHO!

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