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[IP] chocolate and square bolus

Hi folks - I will talk about chocolate and square bolus. Today,
as common, I had as lunch salad, "burrito", yogurt and...
chocolate. A diet one. 24 carbos as total (3 each little "square).

In the package was written "LOW GLYCEMIC", meaning that
the absorption would be slow.

So, I calculated the appropriate bolus and "squared" it throughout
two hours.

As always I do I tested 1 1/2 hous after the meal and I was 98 mg/dL
(my target is 100 mg/dL).

Tested 2 1/2 hours after the meal and I was 102 mg/dL.

Tested 3 1/2 hours after the meal and I was 105 mg/dL.

Tested 4 1/2 hours after the meal and I was 97 mg/dL.

Tested 6 hours after the meal and I was 92 mg/dL.

Tested 8 hours after the meal (preparing myself and my wife to
have dinner - pizza) and I was 95 mg/dL.

The "square" feature was perfect.

Technolgy works - we need to adjust ourselves to work with it.

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