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[IP] Cereal Carbs and Calories

I work as a special events coordinator and one of my roles is the director 
for a tri-county Science Fair.  I went to "judge" the Delaware Valley Science 
Fair yesterday and took some time to wander the floor looking for diabetes 
related projects.  I found one where the kid tested his sisters sugar  
whenver she was low and charted the effects that 4 different sugars had on 
her glucosed readings... of course he found that the glucose tabs worked best.

The other project wasnt specifically diabetes related but I know it will 
confirm what I've heard many of you say about breakfast cereals... This 
student tested to see if the listed calorie content on some 6 or 7 cereals 
was the actual caloric content.  He did the weighing and burning and whatever 
those scientists do to find calorie content.  He found that all the cereals 
he tested were anywhre from 17% - 33% higher than listed on the side of the 
box.  I don't know how they get away with this.. somehow its an industry wide 
problem... maybe this kid will take his info to the FDA!

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