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re: [IP] reality check

This is my biggest "mission" and pet peeve ... when i talk to folks who THINK 
they are being SOOO nice by offering to bring in diatetic cookies for a 
birthday work party since I "can't" eat cake... I have taken the opportunity 
to explain (maybe I do a better job now that I understand the direct 
relationship between carbs and insulin needs better now) that I CAN eat most 
anything.. so long as its a food i like!... as long as I calculate for it... 
I have tried to explian more recently that some fatty foods are more 
confusing than others.. so I have tended to avoid them .. and I do describe 
it as being more work.  They are slowly startting to understand.. at least 

It's usually the folks who have a diabetic in their family that get the 
message wrong anyway!  I can only assume that some folks who for whatever 
reason can't or don't want to do much calculation, that limited sugar and 
total self-denial IS the way to go for them... thank goodness I'm good at 

pumping 1 month tomorow ... and had blood drawn today for my 1st A1C... wish 
me luck!!! I can't hardly wait... !!!!
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