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Re: [IP] multiple A-35 alarms

In a message dated 4/6/00 5:32:45 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< Every time I tried to bolus today after about 1.5 units I got an A-35 
alarm. >>

I have gotten A-35 alarms a number of times also.  Usually I just assume it 
is static electricity, but once recently it was priming, sitting on my log 
book, and alarmed twice, so that didn't seem likely.  I removed the reservoir 
and sprayed the lead screw with Dust Off and haven't had any alarms since, 
although there had been nothing visible interfering with it.  But if it 
always alarms at the same point in the bolus, I wonder if it could be the 
site?  I had a sil that was just barely under the skin once that would only 
seem to give a little over a unit of insulin before it would alarm (my memory 
is that it was a NoDel alarm, but I think you can also get A-35s in similar 

Linda Z
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