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[IP] Dropping

jayjay's mom asked
>  >What is an appropriate BG drop rate?

and pixie wrote:
>  There's no such thing unfortunately.,

actually there IS....yes, everyone has a different ratio of how much insulin 
will drop them X number of points, but in MY opinion, as well as that of my 
doctors, CDE and nurse educator, who have opinions that I actually trust and 
accept, it is better NOT to drop faster than 50 points every hour or 
so...WHAT?????  you are saying...My blood sugar is 250!  I want to drop 150 
points NOW...yes, well so do I.  no one likes that high feeling, HOWEVER....

When your body, NORMAL or DIABETIC, drops more than about 50 points in a 
short period of time, the BRAIN thinks it is starving and sends a message to 
the liver to dump in LOTS of sugar laden counter regulatory hormones, like 
glycagen, adrenaline, growth homone, thyroid stimulating hormone...ALL of 
these will RAISE your blood sugar...which is why you have such a REBOUND 
after a low...it isn't ALWAYS that you ate the fridge - you just did not 
catch the low before the liver went into action.  Even quickly dropping from 
300 to 200 can cause a dump!! 

So you tke that 3 units to lower you 150 points, to 100, and if you are on 
Humalog, it may happen in less than 2 hours...your body is GOING to react to 
that sudden drop in bg by dumping in hormones...you can NOT prevent it.  Your 
brain does NOT know that you were really high and you are just trying to get 
in a good range...it just sees +50~ point drop....STARVATION DEATH, HUNGER - 

and thus begins the roller coaster ride...up and down...

Yes, I know, it is REALLY hard to slide down slow and controlled, especially 
when it is 2 am you just want to go to sleep....but if you truly want to 
control the rise and fall and stay OFF the roller coaster, you ought to TRY 
not reacting to a high with too much insulin...I get ReALLY good results when 
I am diligent and patient enough to do this...I highly recommend trying it at 
least once...

"they" saw 40-50 points an hour...which means don''t aim to be back at 100 
from  300 in LESS than 4 hours!   Sometimes if i am high, I will calculate 
the bolus I need to lower me and do it with a tep basal...for example 2 units 
will lower me 100 points, So I will take one unit immediately and put in a 
temp basal rate for a couple of hours to drip in the rest...


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