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Re: [IP] Quitting Smoking

I want to apologize for not including a subject line in my
last digest post, by mistake.  My bad.

We all know the problems with smoking, that it compounds
the problems with diabetes with damage to the capillaries
and vessels.  As this thread is still alive, I want to
impart my experience, if it could help anyone.  I began
smoking in '60 (age 12), 6+years before dm.  By the time I
was 15 I was smoking 3 packs a day and noticed the
problems adults were having quitting.  The problem with
doing, or not doing, anything, is that we are constantly
training ourselves in how to respond to everything.  Most
of the time when someone tries to quit smoking they are
not really serious.  They want to try it and if it's easy
would continue.  Most of the time they give up, quickly
and often.  When they want to really quit, they can't.
They have trained themselves that they have failed and can
not quit, multiple times.  When they want to really quit,
they can't.

Every year I would stop for 5 days (from Monday am til
friday at 6 pm) and absolutely not fail.  When I finally
decided that I really wanted to quit (Feb 1, '76), as
packs had gone to the unbelievable cost of 50 cents each
and I learned that smoking made people warmer in the
summer and colder in the winter (because of the
capillaries), it was easy.  I knew that I had succeeded,
numerous times, and would succeed then, and did.

I personally believe that in order for a person to quit,
they must be absolute, even in small steps.  I have helped
people quit by starting out at an hour, then a day, week,
etc. and always succeeding.  By proving that you can
succeed , you will succeed.
Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
You can get much farther with a kind word and a gun than
you can with a kind word alone.
 - Al Capone

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