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Re: [IP] snacks for playing soccer ?

it turns out she ate the 12 carb snack  ( fruit rollup) and bolused for it.
got low anyway.  (72)

this is just a casual game of soccer with a bunch of kids.  she does play
hard at it, though.

so, next time,  she will try the snack and NO bolus. maybe reduce basal from
0.5 to 0.3 for hour or hour and half.


> IF, ..... bg's go high with exercise, this is remedied by some by
> eating a small snack + insulin before exercise. The result as I
> understand it is to make sure there is adequate insulin in the
> bloodstream to support the extra metabolic activity of the exercise.
> Other people will go low with exercise... the usual fix seems to be
> to suspend or reduce insulin starting sometime prior to the onset of
> the activity and/or eat a snack to provide the extra energy needed.
> 3) a combination of both of above.

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