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Re: [IP] I could have killed her...


As far as the "mystery high" goes...could she have had anything on the
finger you tested that was high in sugar content?  I tested once pre-lunch,
right after making tuna salad sandwiches, & didn't take the time to wash my
hands...just wiped them off on a paper towel.  I felt fine, & the machine
told me I was 450!  Tested another finger & found out that THERE I was only
130...hmmmm.  (We then determined that actually the relish juice was around
450.)  Some things will stay on your hands a long time...orange juice,
honey, powdered sugar particles, etc.  If she even puts here fingers into
her mouth when sleeping, that can make a difference!  (Especially if she had
a sweet snack or desert earlier, & any residue from that is still remaining
at all!)  Even some kinds of soaps & shampoos leave sugar traces...I
sometimes run my fingers through my hair as part of the "falling asleep
process", & I have sometimes noticed differences that seem product-based.
Does this mean I meticulously wash my hands each & every time I check?  No -
I teach elementary school, & that is just not at all practical for me.  When
I get an odd or unexpected number, however, I do try to consider what all
may have caused that...& I try not to lose any sleep over the fact that,
sometimes, I don't come up with any good answers!  :)  Either way...be glad
that you knew how to treat the situation when it went the way it did, & put
it into your book of "experiences you will not repeat."  Don't beat yourself
up over it...we have so many INCREDIBLE parents on this list, & yes, you
definitely qualify!!

It does get better,

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