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Re: [IP] snacks for playing soccer ?

> my question is probably somewhere in archives.  but..
> geneva lately has been playing soccer with friends at recess.  she
> gets low.
> I forgot whether you soccer moms/dads have your kids eat a small
> carb snack and BOLUS for it before playing...or just eat the snack. 
>  do they eat after the sport?

Wishy washy answer.....

IF, ..... bg's go high with exercise, this is remedied by some by 
eating a small snack + insulin before exercise. The result as I 
understand it is to make sure there is adequate insulin in the 
bloodstream to support the extra metabolic activity of the exercise. 

Other people will go low with exercise... the usual fix seems to be 
to suspend or reduce insulin starting sometime prior to the onset of 
the activity and/or eat a snack to provide the extra energy needed.

3) a combination of both of above.

THEN..... for prolonged or high level exercise there may be a period 
of a few to many hours of decreased insulin need.

I've seen all of the above for Lily at one time or another and 
depending on the nature and type of exercise and it's duration. This 
is another of those situations where careful observation will help 
produce a series of regimens that work for you fairly well.

I don't mean to be ambigious, but the scenario is different for 
soccer practice, a tournament,  skin diving, skiing, swim 
workout, etc....

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