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Re: [IP] reality check?


email @ redacted wrote:

> Hi everyone
> I was wanting share an experience I had recently.  I went to lunch with a
> friend of mine and my ex-girlfriend (which I had not talked to for close to a
> year and are trying to become friends) at a restaurant in St. Louis.  We were
> seated at the table and handed our menus, while looking at my menu my ex said
> "Is there anything on that menu that you can eat, sugarboy".  I calmly said
> yes.  However the more I thought about what she said the more angry I became.
>  I felt that her comment "sugarboy" was extremly inappropriate considering we
> are not that close at this point, to make such a joke.

It may not have been a joke at all.  It could have been something related to
feelings that she "picked up" while were seeing each other.

> I have always had the idea that I could eat anything I wanted as long as I
> took enough insulin to cover it.  Do you all find that people w/o diabetes
> can't understand that?  Or have you had somewhat similar experiences?
> Josh

One thing that I notice with my self is that if I make the choice to "over do it"
- I have already made the decision that I am willing to work as much as I need to
for the food. When someone else decides where to eat, I may not be willing (at
that point of time) to do "that much work".  At the not willing times, I tend to
get sarcastic, sometimes withdrawn, angry and who knows what else (many times
without realizing it) - To other people it has (at least in the past) been easier
to see than for me to see.....

I'm glad that I'm starting to see myself better and at the same time wish that I
was still completely blind to it.   As scary as it is to say, my anger has
nothing to do with what someone else says or does.......

Jim S.
email @ redacted

Take what you need and leave the rest..........

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