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Hi everyone, my name is Amy and my dh is Justin.  We're both 28 and have 4
children: Tyler-7, Riley-almost 5 & dx'd w/Type I  7-1-99, Mason-2 1/2 & Cailin
Rose-1.  We live in So. Florida, my husband is a computer proffessor and I stay
home with the children.  I just joined this list (via digest) because my 2nd son
Riley will be going on a pump in June-YEAH!!!!!:O).  We just switched endo's and
this new one is an angel!  Her CDE came in to interview me first and she
immediately asked me: "Have you ever thought of a pump?" prior to this none of our
endo's would even discuss (tho' I tried!).  Anyway, I'm really nervous but
thrilled that Riley is going to get to do this.  I want to learn all I can before
hand when we do our month of pump training in May.  We get to pick which pump we
want (our insurance will cover whatever we choose), so I'm trying to get all the
info I can on it.  I started out interested in the MM, but now I'm liking the
Disentronics one better-especially the new one coming out in May.  Riley plays
Roller hockey on a team with his older brother and he loves long showers, swimming
in the ocean, & rough-housing!!  I think the D one might fit his lifestyle
better?  I can't wait!  Riley has never taken to his shots (he's on 4 a day) and
we still chase his #'s all day.  He still cries, fights and tries to hide when
it's time for an injection.  He's also a very picky eater and fights his schedule
constantly, I will be so glad when food is no longer an issue!:O)  Well, I've
taken up  more time than I meant to so I'll stop there!

Take care,
Amy-mom to Tyler-7, Riley-almost 5 (dx'd w/JD 7-1-99), Mason-2 1/2, Cailin Rose-1

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