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RE: [IP] Your last message to IP

 >Just curious about this whole log book thing. How many people here
 >actually keep log books? I haven't kept a logbook in years. You guys
 >actually keep carb/food counts as well? What exactly do you do with all
 >the log data? I never found it very useful.

I keep one with everything listed.  However I am still trying to figure out
my basal rates, my carb ratio, correction ratio, etc.  Main reason is I
started in December on my 508, I have lost 5 lbs and want to loose 10-20lbs
more, and I just started a more rigorous exercise program.  So I need to
test all the time and keep track of things.  This past week I noticed some
very specific trends that I am going to correct with a few more days data.
So for me it is very useful.  However I get lax every once and a while and
don't write anything.  I find my bgs aren't as good when I do that for some
reason.  Maybe because I test less?  My doctor usually only wants about 2
weeks worth to see my current trends and how I react/treat them.

-- Sherry
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