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RE: [IP] I could have killed her...

> Hubby knows when I'm in trouble because I 
> get very warm and sweat and sometimes kick 
> my legs about.  However, I too, will awaken
> immediately when I am high.
Hah, I had forgotten to mention that point.  My feet 
move CONSTANTLY while I'm asleep.  Just a rhythmic 
reciprocating action, like I'm on a stair climber that 
only works the feet (as opposed to the whole leg).  I 
imagine that motion is a good thing as it likely 
promotes circulation but I don't know and that's 
neither here nor there...

Anyway...on a few occasions I've been woken up by my SO 
with a "your feet aren't moving... what's wrong?"  To 
which I've tested and found my bg is lower than normal, 
but not nearly critical.

As for highs...My kidneys will start spilling at the 
drop of a hat.  If I get much over 300 my bladder 
(which is infamously small) sends alarms to my brain 
every hour until I take a shot.  So I'm more worried 
about my kidneys than anything, but at last check 
they're still strong and healthy.

-Sara G.

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