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Re: [IP] face-to-face diabetes support groups - HELP wanted


Claudia Beteille wrote:

> Hi Jim and everyone!
>     I am in Colorado and it is SO true. I bet we are the LAST state to have
> much of anything for Diabetics.

My problem is that I live in California and get calls asking about support
groups in other states..... (a long story as to why)

>     I am in Colorado Springs, I do know of ONE support group that meets on
> Saturdays, but lately I am not sure if they are meeting. I know of 5 of us
> that would be interested in starting one, but are SO unsure of how to meet
> others.

Thinking out loud - how bout asking the various diabetes lists about knowledge
of groups or interest in finding a group by area....  Have people forward/send
the message to people that they know who might have information or also be
interested. (a chain letter? of sorts).

And then have a central location to have all the responses sent to....   I can
even suggest one that works (the wonders of unlimited alias):
         email @ redacted

I will do what I can to compile and maintain the information...  If the volume
is high, I will be looking for help!

Jim S.
email @ redacted

> Please let people know they can contact me. I also have a brother who is a
> member of JDF in Denver. He has access to help find people information in
> Denver or the surrounding area.
> Thanks,
> Claudia
> Pumping 3 months and Type 1 for 15 years!

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