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[IP] MIME code clarification

I got a couple of things wrong in my posts about the MIME codes, but the 
end result's the same.

< I know that "=20" is a MIME representation for a carriage return/line feed. >

Well, no, it turns out that "=20" represents a space at the end of a line.

< I believe the MIME codes are being inserted by the IP mailing list server 
due to a bug. >

Probably the reverse. The MIME codes are not being *removed* by the IP 
digest server due to a bug. It's normal for the codes to be in the messages 
when extended ASCII characters are used. It's also normal for the codes to 
be removed before the messages get compiled into the digest.

IAC, the IP digest server has a problem, not the users who sent the 
messages--they're blameless.

I promise, this will be my last post to IP about this (off-topic) subject.

regards, Andy

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