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RE: [IP] I could have killed her...

> as far as what would have happened if 
> you did not test/ go in to check.
> michael and others can answer this.  
> in geneva's case, she always awakens
> if below about 80.  no matter what.

I was diagnosed at age 4 and have NEVER awoken because I was running low.
If anything I fall into a much deeper almost coma type sleep.  I used to
have terrible times with nighttime lows on MDI.  But my husband wakes up
because his body senses my "shallow" breathing.  He told me once he put his
head on my chest because he didn't think I was alive.

Lucky the pump has stopped this and I haven't had a nighttime low.  YIPPEE!

On the flip side, if I go over 300 I am awakened immediately.   I don't have
to pee just very wired.

Just wanted to give a varying view,
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