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Re: [IP] I could have killed her...

> as far as what would have happened if 
> you did not test/ go in to check.
> michael and others can answer this.  
> in geneva's case, she always awakens
> if below about 80.  no matter what.
I've always noticed this same effect.  Normally I keep 
my numbers between 150-200 because I HATE what lows do 
to me.  But lows DO happen and I always seem to wakeup 
dripping in sweat.  I would assume I wake up everytime 
rather than sleeping through it because I think I'd 
notice the sweat on the sheets when I finally did wake 
up in the morning.  Though having a spouse to sleep 
with for the past couple years has been a plus, I've 
been nudged awake several times with "Sara... Wake up 
and drink some juice..."

-Sara (always learning more wonder and respect for the 
human body)
looking into pumping

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