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[IP] treating without restesting.....


You did not kill her.  Your brain was too sleepy perhaps to think it through
but it did rethink it.  You are a good Momma.  It is ok.  (My mantra these

That must have been REALLY scary for you.  I am sorry you did not have
someone to help you through it, and help your daughter through it.  They
always told me that a child can rouse themselves when dropping very low.  I
am not sure I believe it is true, but I always think of that when I do stuff
like that.

I truly do offer my phone number to people who are scared.  Being a single
Mom, I know what it is to feel alone and overwhelmed, and Iif I can just be
the voice on the other end of the line, and it would help, give me a
ring-please email for the phone number--no sense giving it to all of the
list (anyone welcome )

Here is my question......was it "rise up and make the users nuts night" with
the meters or what?

I tested Paddy and he came in at a surprising 41!
He was sweaty and quite limp, so I fed him.  He was not so much combative as
ANGRY!  It felt different than a usual pm low, but I thought maybe the

Then I sat down and cried cause I thought I could not take one more second
of this.  Good way to keep myself awake until the next test. LOL

Time for the "did it work ?" test.
302.  HUH?  Must have something on his fingers.  81.  Hm, well that is
closer, but the feeding should have brought him up to 150ish.  One more
test.  301.

Ok, so WHY did I not retest when it said 41?  Cause now I FORCED his bg up
from a perfectly lovely number, whatever it may have been??

Called and was on phone with meter compnay for 45 minutes discussing all
sorts of things, and venting to the high heaven to a VERY saintly woman who
deserves at the very least a raise.  Turns out they suggest a different
testing procedure for the Glucometert elite XL(used to just have elite, but
not xl)

Doing that ever since and all seems right again.  Except that his bg's are
HIGH HIGH HIGH from being just dumb last night and feeding a normal. His
body must have thought Iwas a FLAKE!

The different testing requires coming into the drop vertically, on top of
the finger and holding it there, rather than having it hanging off the
bottom of the finger and sippingit from the side.  They said the other way
allows air to get in and hike or lower the bg readings. I dinked around with
the control solution and so so true!  AMAZING!!!!!

I still say we need a red phone(like Bat phone) hotline for scared
pumpers/pumping parents to call one another on.  If I am up, I turn my
ringer on.  Then if you need someone, I get your call.  If I am sleeping
blissfully, I turn the ringer off and you get the next person down the line
who is up worrying...........

Charisma :)

> I tested my daughter, as usual at midnight last night.  Her BG read 471!
> immediately bolused her 4.0u of H.  I laid back down (I was exhausted) but
> didn't feel right, because under normal circumstances I would have tested
> her again to double check the high BG. So I jump up and test again and she
> is only 165!!!

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