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[IP] Interviewing for a doc

whenever our family needs any kind of doctor,  I always ask the nurses.

for surgery...I call the hospital in which the MD has privileges and ask to
speak with the head OR nurse.  I ask him/her who is good.  they all know the
bad ones with bad habits, bedside manners, etc.

same for endos and PCP.  I call the hospital,  (peds dept)  and ask to speak
with head nurse. I  ask which PCPs have alot of IDDMers in their care.
usually the nurses concur on one or two physicians.  this is how we found
our pediatric PCP for geneva in both VA and here in CA when we moved.

 having worked in a hospital and knowing several nurses as friends,  I can
tell you that they really know the inside scoop on all of the MD's.


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