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Re: [IP] single

Sara asked:
>So what are my chances of finding a guy with a mom that is a diabetic AND is 
>also a schizo, at times hysterical, often multi-personalitied, exceedingly 
>difficult, yet cute and cuddly, banshee???

Why Sara, hasn't anyone told you yet that everyone's mother-in-law is
just like that? (Except for the the diabetes of course...) ;-)
I found your original post quite hysterical. I used to be a single
female. Being non-diabetic did not make dealing with those weird males
any easier!

ok, seriously. All you single diabetics - I don't claim to know what it
is like to be a single diabetic, but I do know what it is like to be the
significant other of one. Please believe there are people out there who
are willing to date and marry a diabetic. (and no, to all those cynics
out there, it is not because we "feel sorry" for you or need someone to
"mother", because those 2 traits are not in my personality profile!) 

As for informing prospective dates, etc I say to use whatever approach
is best for you personally (other than being deceitful of course). If a
guy (or girl) cannot handle you being honest and forthright, then they
probably aren't a person you want to spend your life with anyway!
good luck!
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