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Subject: Re: [IP] Interviewing for a doc

As a doc, and one that's been accused of being a touchy-feely kind of doc, I
can say that I am still unnerved by "interviews."  Please don't judge me by
my receptionists - at my clinic run by off-site administrators, they are
low-paid, poorly trained, rarely stay more than a few months, and we have to
grin and bear them too, because in our full-employment economy, we just
don't seem to do any better.  My office assistant (nurse, in pre-managed
care days) knows a lot more about how I practice than the receptionist up
front who's only been there 2 weeks, and only sees the bills at the end of
the visit.

Ask your CDE or diabetes program in your area which PCP's are up-to-date on
diabetes.  They'll know which PCP's are sending folks for intensive control
education.  Do ask about availability, but don't make it your sole
criteria - I know by far the most about pumps in our group, and my collegues
consult me about their diabetics, but I only work part time (in between
caring for my little pumper).  Then, spend most of your time discussing
diabetes.  Ask about frequency of Hb A-1-C measurements, eye and renal
testing, previous experience with pumps and intensive control.  Even if your
endo is doing those things with you, if your PCP is doing them for their
diabetic patients, then they're probably up-to-date with diabetes
management.  Remember that 80+% of all diabetics, Type 1 or 2, have only a
PCP (no endo), so we do the sole management for a lot of folks.

And then ask if they have a diabetic kid at home on the pump.  Now, that's
the PCP who'll know pumps <VBG>.

Nancy Morgan

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