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[IP] All those =20's -- hypothesis -- part 1

I've been puzzled by the fact that some messages in the IP digest have 
extra characters like "=20", while others don't. I know that "=20" is a 
MIME representation for a carriage return/line feed. I thought that these 
codes were inserted by the *sender's* SMTP server.

Maybe not.

I saw the other day that one of my own messages was so afflicted and 
there's nothing wrong with my SMTP server. I also noticed that my message 
contained a single accented character, the "a" with a "grave" accent.

I have a hunch. I believe the MIME codes are being inserted by the IP 
mailing list server due to a bug. The codes appear throughout the message 
whenever a single ASCII extended character is used anywhere in the message.

To test this out, I'm sending this message to IP twice. The first time 
(this time), there are NO accented characters. The next time, I'll include 
a _single_ accented character right about here:  [place for accented 

I predict that this message will be displayed normally. The next message 
will be filled with MIME codes.

So, am I right? If so, what's wrong with the IP mailing list server?

regards, Andy 

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