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Re: [IP] I am a pumper :)

>- When I go to program a bolus, I press the s button, and then I press the 
>or m button.  Nothing happens.  The cursor is on the insulin remaining
>symbol.  If I keep pressing the h or m button, the cursor finally moves 
>to the B symbol - sometimes I get the 3 beeps, sometimes not.  Is anyone
>else having this problem??
DOn't press the S button.  I have been on a disetronic h-tron plus for close 
to year now and when you give a bolus all you need to do is  press either 
the h or the m button to start programing the bolus amount ( in increments 
of .5).  Keep pressing the same button until you have reached the amount you 
want (say 3 units).  The pump will then give you a conformation beep for 
each .5 units you programmed.  If screw up (say you wanted to program 3 but 
programmed 4) all you have to do press the opposite button.  Example:  if 
you used the h button to program pressing the m will reset the bolus value 
to zero and vise versa.  I hope this helps.  If you have any other questions 
just let me know.

IDDM-7 years
Pump-May 99

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