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Re: [IP] Interviewing for a doc

One of my standard investigatory steps is talking to the

You can learn SOOO much from them if they are honest.   And if they are
snooty, and the doc continues to employ them for any length of time, that
can tell you a little about the doc's attitude towards his patient's as

I had a wonderdful tipoff from the scheduler once.  She told me, when I said
I was thinking of switching to a certain doc, that that doc cancelled the
most clinics (at the last minute) and was the least available, although the
most respected and sought after.  I felt she saved us months of hassle and
aggravation.  Sometimes the most popular or well known doc is the one with
the least time to spread around for that very reason.

Also, sometimes if you call around to that kind of doc's office they will
recommend someone for you in your area etc.  If you trust a certain doc,
then you can sometimes transfer that trust to someone THEY in turn trust.
Likewise, if you distrust or dislike a certain attitude in a doc, any
recommendations they might make have a certain amount of pall cast over
them.  Not 100% but a goo place to start.

Questions I have asked
-Are you available......I would require blank number of contacts in  blank
amount of time when I could count on you or a backup doc you trust.  (2
contacts a week.;  1 contact a day;  immediate contacts during night, or

-These are my goals, can you support those?  Would you be willing to learn?
(one of best docs we ever had told us he knew very little, but would learn
for us and he DID!!!)

-I am blank type of person so I  approach problems such and such a way. Are
you comfortable with that?
(i.e.--I am a go getter.  I like to offer suggestions and be heard.  I like
things explained to me and I want to be consulted.  -OR-  I am looking for a
doctor who is willing to make suggestions and make decisions.)

-are you close to retirement?  not kidding.  One guy took us on one day and
retired within two months.  He had planned it all along, so not an illnes or
anything.  Now, why,  I had to ask myself, would he DO THAT?  Just
thoughtless, I felt.

Hope those don't sound too rude or demanding, but it really saves them,
time, too.


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