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[IP] 5 year old - tired

snip - 
My son Ross is now 6 years old has an A1C of about 6.6. He was diagnosed at 
2 1/2 years old. He does say he is tired a lot

Adam was really tired too before the pump - he would fall asleep in the car
going to 
my parents around lunch time, and was still napping at age 4.  When he did
not nap, he was very tired and cranky early afternoon and evening.

Well, after 10 weeks of pumping, bye-bye naps! He hasn't napped for about 2
weeks now, we're getting him into bed and he conks out at 8pm.  He fell
asleep in the car after lunch the other day for about 20 minutes,
previously he would have slept a couple hours!

The last couple weeks since he has not been sick have really evened out his
blood sugars, and he seems a lot calmer (as much as a four year old can
be!) and  not as tired and cranky.

Linda, mom to Adam, 4, pumping 10 weeks and Jenna, 2, non -d

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