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[IP] Interviewing for a doc

Hi there IP-ers

I am about to begin the process of interviewing for a new PCP. (That's 
Primary Care Physician, for those of you who don't speak acronym. :-)  ) Why? 
Because I am becoming increasingly unhappy with my current PCP's level of 
knowledge about DM and its affect on the rest of me and about his willingness 
to listen to me. (Yes, I see an endo, but I think the PCP needs to know a 
little bit, too, so that the PCP can take help to monitor the rest of me.)

I've never bothered to interview docs before. I've just gone to one and, if 
he or she turned out to be unacceptable, I've moved on. I thought, however, 
that this might be a better way to do it. Kind of pay for a consult and see 
if we're compatible before I have my records tranferred.  :-)

Obviously, I have my own concerns, but has anybody ever gone through an 
interview process with a doc before? Was it successful? What kinds of 
questions did you ask? How much should I even expect a PCP to know? (I do 
plan to ask what is expected of me.)


Respond off-list, if you'd like.

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