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[IP] Update date on Kap and Endo Visit

1.  Dentist visit went great - he gums are very healthy and he doesnt need 
plastic things to protect his teeth since there are no indentions.

2.  PCP - doctor - Kap has gained 3# and grew 1 inch since starting the pump 

3.  Endo visit - went great - his hba1c is 9.7 up from 7.9 - all due to no 
LOWS except maybe 1 or 2.  (I expected that hba1c.) Ok - we are going up on 
the basel rate from 8 am to 8 pm.  Time will tell.  Endo thinks he is doing 
very well with pump.  She gave me a test on carb counting - I passed and so 
did Kap.

4.  School - A in math, up from Failing, B - 1 point from an A in Social 
Studies and he will received the President Fitness Award for surpassing the 
age level for the flexability catagory.  He went to 12 years of age and he is 

Ok, this mom has done enough bragging.
Darlene - Proud Mom to Kap - pumping and pitching this year in baseball.

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