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[IP] warning: watch for stupid mistakes

I feel so horrible about how I"ve handled our latest pumping problems and
need a sounding board .
 Lately our numbers (I mean my daughters numbers) haven't been what I'd like
to see and there seems like there isn't alot of consistency.
 Lacey(my daughter) has been really reluctant to change the site. She's
usually pretty good about it , except for here lately. We have even asked
our MD about emla cream but he doesn't want to prescribe it.
 To get to the horrible part- Lacey began the sniffing, coughing allergy
thing along with not feeling well.
At the same time (at night of course) we saw her BG rise to 300s
but with supplements they would come down some. So I thpought,
it was not the site. But the next day we went out of town and after that
morning BG of 125 they went to 400s. I thought its the combination of
traveling and probably getting sick. We just kept pumping in insulin.
Again the next day with the help of supplements we had a BG of 139 but it
went right up again. It was 3:00 before I realized we had gone into day 5
without a site change.
 She usually tells me "I think its time to change " somewhere between day 2
and4. She just didn't want to change the site and I just was NOT thinking!
 I feel so bad . I hope no one else will get too complacent with the routine
and make this same mistake as me.
 It seems I spend so much time figuring numbers -----
 I can't sleep sometimes worrying about this child.
 I can't beleive I did something so stupid. However this will never ever
happen again.
Hope everyone else is having better LUCK
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