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Re: [IP] more than 10 units per meal

I agree 100% with you David.  In July when I went to my last education class
I was amazed to here from the CDE that they were trying to make the same
point you just mentioned.  I am sure we have all talked with a doctor or a
ER attendant or anyone who made you feel like you were the biggest failure
because for what ever reason you had a reaction.

I know I sure never wanted to plan a trip to the ER because of a low blood
sugar.  Long ago I decided to rate all my Diabetic care on how well they
handled this misconception ("It is all your fault")  I have learned to call
hospital Administrators, Doctors themselves, (How they listen to you during
one of these calls is very helpful on weather you want to ever use them
again.).  Diabetic care givers are not any different than any service
provider, You are the customer.   I bet we beat are selves up harder than
anyone else could if we knew we did something that we probably new better

The different providers I have talked with in the last 6 months have all had
a real good attitude.  I was hoping that this is becoming the norm.

Tom Carlson, D 33 years, pumping 3 months

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From: David Bishop <email @ redacted>

>Keep in mind folks that if you take more than 10 units per meal..or
>addtional insulin in a day it does not mean you are a "bad diabetic".
>is no such thing.  PERIOD!!!  We are all working very hard to live with
>diabetes and sometimes is is HARD!  If you take too much insulin and have a
>low blood sugar than it is only a mistake and one that you learn from.
>That's all it is and nothing more.  No need to feel guilty or "bad".
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml