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[IP] car trip

hey linda

thanks for your nice note...glad I can give ya smile...god knows SOMEONE 
needs to smile about my crazy life...

as for your trip...i wouldn't make adjustments to the basals....why mess with 
that?  just test often and correct as necessary...he will more than make up 
the in activity once he gets to FL and you will have to adjust them again...

As for the higher A1C, yes they can go up slightly when you elimnate the 
lows, so I wouldnt stress about it if I was you.  8 is still considered in 
the "well-controlled" range.   The most important thing with little kids is 
AVOIDING lows at any cost - developing brain cells and all that.  I probably 
ran over 200 my entire childhood, except when I was probably 25 (had gym 
before lunch in 7th grade....) and still graduated in the top 15% of my 
class...and never had ANYONE ask if I was OK to take a test!!!!  I wonder 
what my SATs and ACT would have been if I had been in as good control then as 
I am now...shoot, I might have made it into Yale!!!

>   We were hoping to  give the insurance company some real "proof".

tell them to wait around 20 years and when he STILL has good vision and 
kidney function, they will have their proof.  Diabetes control is kinda like 
the stock market.  Immediate returns are nice, but you should really be in it 
for the long term...

>  I inserted my first Sil into Adam's tummy tonight 

good job!!!  just out of curiousity - did you do one on yourself just so you 
could see what it felt like???  I would LOVE for my parents to have been that 


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