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[IP] how to reply to digest

Eric wrote
>  How do we reply to a message that is in a digest?

I get the digest and what I do, is, using the mouse, HIGHLIGHT the message I 
want to respond to, hten click REPLY.  AOL opens a new email message and 
PASTES everything I highlighted and automatically inserts the return address 
to IP.  I then go through what was pasted in and DELETE most of it. Just a 
few snips or lines are all that is needed...don't need all the signature and 
header and crap.  It takes a little time to clean it up, but I do it, cuz 
that is what i wish other people would do!

If I want to respond directly back to the person who wrote the message, I 
CHANGE to SEND TO line.  In the digest, you get the email address for each 
person who sends a post, but if you just hit REPLY, it will go to IP, NOT the 
original writer only

I am not an Admin and don't play one on TV...

Congrats on your Assimilation into the Borg

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