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[IP] determination

Maureen wrote:
>  A week after my dx, I was practicing with my swim team,
>  and less than a month, I was in the first meet of the season.
>  It is amazing what a determined, stubborn, person can do!

YES!!!  As I have told you all before, my youth and teen years were spent in 
complete ignorance of how to care for myself.  I REMEMBER how yukky I used to 
feel EVERY morning, but I NEVER missed school (Mainly cuz no one knew what my 
bg was or that that was the reason I was so sick...).  I excelled in school, 
MAINLY due to being determined, and stubborn.  I refused to let needing to 
PEE stop me from doing anything!  I was the mascot for the basketball team, 
french club, ski club, speech team, drama club, choir...skied every 
weekend...went to NYC, hawaii and france on school trips...you know a normal 
kid...the fact that I couldn't ride a bus longer than an hour, or ski more 
than one run or sit through more than one class without having to pee like a 
race horse notwithstanding...

Stubborn, determined people UNITE....

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