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[IP] Nervous about start up

Dear Joni,
I have been using my MM 507C almost a year (4/20/99) and I relate to how you feel about starting the pump.  I watched the MM video umpteen times and played with the pump.
It has been great.  Have you read any of the books yet? Pumping Insulin etc.?  I found that the Diabetes Mall has a great selection of boos, carb counting etc. and a great Pump catalog for accessories with prices lower than MM.  Their site is Diabetes.Net.
The first time I put on my softset I was nervous and scared but then I was with my CDE and Pump Trainer so I knew that I was in good hands. 
Soon after we left I had to do my first bolus for lunch and was scared again.  Kept on checking to see if I was getting my basal rates.  Have had no problems on the pump and would not trade my pump for anything.  Especially the three shots of H and two shots of Ultralente.
I have an accessory that I purchased from Diabetes Mall, called the "Clip and Go" and the pump is in a pouch and the clip is attached to your waist or pocket or whatever you want to clip it to.  So alot of the time I forget it's there because I don't feel it on my waist.
Hope everything goes well and Good Luck!