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[IP] My starting dose

Like I said before, I didn't see the episode.  I obviously didn't take H
when I was first dx (because it wasn't "out" yet), but I know I mixed R and
N for every shot.  With them mixed, I think the largest I drew up was about
70 units total.  Shortly after I reached the "max" dose, I started having
to reduce the amount.  I thought you were just saying that she took about
60 units total... which to me sounds similar to me.  I doubt I would have
picked up something like that.  I am so used to 30 unit syringes, that I
would have just assumed that she was drawing up 15 units (I am assuming you
thought she was using a 1 CC syringe since the max out of a 1/2 CC syringe
is 50 units, and you said 60).  Which, would be less than what I would have
been taking.  I often whipped out my syringe and vials on the pool deck.  I
was also always eating afterwards (early morning swim practice, my
breakfast time was at the end of it).

Maureen and Jude

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