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[IP] Dr. Vinik tonight & letter of explanation

Dear Pumpers and prospective pumpers,

At the risk of causing more havok on this mailing list, I would like to remind you that I am having Dr. Vinik come chat with us tonight at 9pm Eastern.  I know alot of people have written to me over the last year about having him back and I wanted to be sure I didn't miss anyone.  Please go to http://www.diabetesstation.org to join us.

I saw a few posts on this list about Diabetes Station and that you received our newsletter and reminder note!  I'm afraid I'm to blame for not making the reminder note as complete as it should have been with all the info you need to unsubscribe from our list.  I am very sorry for this.  I am still new to this very large project and all the little things I have to watch out for now.

As most of you know, I have a daughter, Kristina, who has had diabetes since she was 6 months old.  We've spent the last 2 years fighting North Texas doctors to get her an insulin pump and have finally succeeded.  Quite alot of you received my emails about it.  I got online about 4 years ago and started a chat room for parents of diabetic children because there was no other chat room!  Soon after, Jeff at Children With Diabetes started his chat rooms and then soon there were many all over the net!  My chat room soon grew to include everyone concerned with diabetes and I did things the others didn't... I had bi-weekly forums!  This also has become popular and I know alot of people are having forums now!  This is sooo fantastic!

The last year or so, I've had MAJOR upheaval in my life and I'm now on my own, taking care of 5 children!  I basically obtained the insulin pump for Kristina completely on my own!  My time and inspiration for the chats and forums had dwindled to practically nothing!  That is why you haven't heard from me very much!  Perhaps you forgot you were on my mailing list?  

anyway, Deb Butterfield approached me about her idea for Diabetes Station... basically my chat room with it's forums, INTENSIFIED!  She wanted my experience as a moderator and organizer for Diabetes Station!  So we have combined our efforts and I have joined her as the manager of Diabetes Station!  My chat room at Virtual Nurse is now gone!  You will find Melissa's Diabetes Chat as one of many programs at Diabetes Station!  I have also combined my mailing list with Deb's to create one large one so we could inform as many INTERESTED people about Diabetes Station!  I updated my list before combining it with hers by adding all the new addresses from my guest book, going through my own email and adding those who'd written to me asking for advice or information, plus I visited other guestbooks looking for anyone I thought might be interested in these kinds of forums!  Deb and I made SURE unsubscribe info was available on the original letter that went out to you!!  I am TERRIBLY sor!
ry it was not on the reminder note!

However, if you only delete our newsletters, I have no way of knowing that you do not care to receive them!  I implore you, please send me an "unsubscribe" if you do not care to receive it!  Otherwise you will continue getting the newsletter monthly and the reminders, weekly!  I do not intend to spam anyone, I am not SELLING anything!  I am only trying to help people find information, as I ALWAYS have done over the last 4 years!  I only want to help as I believe all of you want to help those who ask questions on this list!  I do NOT intend to spam anyone!  Please forgive me if I have somehow gotten you on my list and you were not interested in my forums!

For those who aren't on my list, which I am sure must be most of you since surely not everyone of you signs guestbooks and things, Please visit my new website, Diabetes Station at http://www.DiabetesStation.org and look around!  Look at the schedule we have planned!  I have lots of ideas for new guests.... perhaps even Micheal will join us *S* one of these days and tell us about his site and what's new!  *G*  I am completely open to suggestions so PLEASE send me any ideas you have!  I want to make Diabetes Station a place for YOU to share and find support and become informed!  If you think there's anything I should add or change or ANYTHING, Please email me!  I am completely open and do not want to hurt anyone!

Again please forgive me, please join us to speak with Dr. Vinik tonight, and also, please send me your ideas, your subscribes and your unsubscribes!

Thanks sooo much!


Melissa Davis
Diabetes Station Manager
Insulin Free World Foundation

for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
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