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Re: [IP] Nervous about start-up

>   How will I handle normal all the time?

I started almost 3 mths ago, and normal was very scary at first. I would
panic if my sugar was under 120 when I went to bed and the repeated 70's and
80's on rising were hard to believe and I'd feel low so I'd test again.
Eventually the body gets used to normal and it feels really really good:)
For a while you may feel low when not low or high when not high, or believe
your starving but that's ok, if you do eat, esp when sugar is at normal,
bolus the right amount and to your correct ratio. It's your body learning to
adjust and like normal and for a diabetic without optimal control, that's a
h***ish experience until you get used to being at your best possible sugar

Also, once the basal rates are ironed out, weird lows are generally caused
by overbolusing. Careful carb counting and making sure all but your basal
has stopped working by bedtime (4 hrs at least after last meal) makes sure
night-time lows don't happen. I made the error of not doing this last night
and I still make mistakes. I learned to use glucose gel and carry it around
and place it under my pillow for lows, which are very rare on a pump. I used
to have a couple a day!, now it's a couple every other week, maybe 6 a

Being nervous is allright, it means you care about your health and are ready
to take a big step in improving it, it also means your human:)

Things will change on the pump, and even with as rocky a start as I got, it
does improve, be patient with your new friend and give it and yourself some
time to get used to each other and what each other does.

Good luck!

(dx'ed 1984, pumping since 3/7/00)

Randi "Pixie" Bruner
"Women and cats will do as they please and men and dogs
should relax and  get used to the idea." -Robert A. Heinlein

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