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Re: [IP] Sushi

> It's rather simple - and let me pat myself on the back for being a bit 
> of a gourmet cook - at least, i watch the TV Food Network.  The 
> problem with sushi is that the rice in sushi is not just rice.  The 
> sushi chef has a 'secret ingredient' called SOO.  Soo is a mixture 
> of sugar, mirin and rice wine vinegar that is mixed in with the rice.  
> My guess is that the fiber content in the rice and the NURI 
> (seaweed) may delay the hit - but it's my thought that it's the extra 
> sugar which has lots of carbs.....

The 'secret ingredient' isn't exactly a secret. Sushi rice itself is a
much starchier rice with FAR more carbs than regular rice. This 'secret
ingredient' actually helps the rice bind together and have a bit of
flavor. There really isn't a whole lot of sugar in the mixture.

Nori (japanese for seaweed) has no real affect at all on my blood sugars.
The only thing substantial in nori is sodium. I don't think this will
affect many people either.

-Jef Lepine

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